Multi Takes FBX Animation Export [Maya]


(Tiffanychu) #1

Hey there, is there a working solution to export multiple animation takes in Maya? I saw some people had success with a purchased plugin on the 3ds Max help pages.

If not wondering if there's more documentation on how artists are exporting fbx scenes with multiple takes in general
(such as this one:


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(Waleguene) #2

Hi @tiffanychu,

There are actually some non-free plugins to do this, like
Softwares like Blender or Motion builder are able to export FBX with several takes, but that's not the case for 3dsMax and Maya (as far as we know)
The model you pointed has been exported using Motion builder.

We could suggest you to try:

Maybe @james has some hints or useful references ?

(Tiffanychu) #3

Ok thanks for confirming!

Bonus question: are animated textures currently supported/usable in a scene?

(Simon Kratz) #4

Hi @tiffanychu, no animated textures, yet but depending on the case you might be able to use morph targets / blend shapes?


try animating the UVs that might work


Yep, those plugins are the best solution I have seen so far.

(Tiffanychu) #7

@essimoon @mrbones @james okay, thanks for your replies!

(Tiffanychu) #8

Just wondering: would it be possible at some point to get a write up tutorial for users who have Motion Builder, on this subject?

Just a small step by step, maybe on how to get two separate fbx into Motion Builder and export them as takes in a way that Sketchfab accepts? I think it'd be helpful for modeler/texture artists who rarely use Motion Builder.

(Waleguene) #9

@tiffanychu maybe this link can help:!/url=./files/Merging_Merging_assets_from_.fbx_files.htm
It looks easy but we didn't give a try yet. Could you keep us in touch if works for you? We 'll probably give a try on our side as well.

And yeah, you're right, this is something that could be documented. We will think about this (cc @james).


(Waleguene) #10

Ok, I gave a try here and it works :slight_smile:

Here is the workflow I used:
- import first FBX file (with first animation)
- File -> Merge and then select the file from which you want to import another animation
- In the merge window, rename the animation so that it doesn't overlap a previous one.
Note that I disabled everything in the options to the left.

And then I have my FBX with the 3 animations: moves.FBX (135.2 KB)

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(Tiffanychu) #11


Thank you for the fast reply! It works fine for me.
At first I wasn't sure which elements to disable, thank you for clearing that up.

Open your first fbx -> merge additional fbx with elements disabled and name your takes -> save as

In hindsight it's simple like you explained :slight_smile:

(Tdw46) #12

Can you please clarify which file menu you go to to find the “Merge” option when you are trying to import the second .FBX animation?

(Dark Minaz) #13

In the newer maya versions you can just export via the “Game exporter” that stores all the takes and does a nice upload to sketchfab as well, just as an alternative :slight_smile:

(Tdw46) #14

Ohh wow! You rock!! Thanks so much! Will definitely use that feature!

You may be able to tell I’m relatively new to Maya (though I am quite well versed in blender). I am also having a little trouble figuring out how to import animations from multiple .FBX files in Maya 2016 for editing. Then I want to clean them up and export them all as a single FBX (or use the game exporter, I suppose) to Unreal Engine 4.

Can you provide any direction? Thanks so much!

(Dark Minaz) #15

Not sure if that is in maya 2016, i know its in 17 and 18. Can’t remember when they added that sadly.

For the animation takes you simply drag them onto the time editor. (or should work, had a model where it didn’t so i redid the animation there as it was faster than figuring out why)
The help from maya is a bit more detailed on how and what exactly though:

(Betadwarf) #16

Hello, im wondering if anyone have used FBX Multi Take (Maya) to make a FBX with muliple animation takes, that work on sketchfab?

thank you for your time and have a great day


Maybe this will help?

(3dsauce) #18

Hey there Betadwarf,

Just bought and tried Multy-Take today, it seams to work to some degree. It does display the separated tracks with the right names in the Sketchfab editor window. But it seams wonky when it comes to the timings of my animations. It leave still frames before the animations starts and doesn't seam to cut off right. Did you ever get a chance to try it out and have it working? Just as an FYI, I did bring the FBX in Unity just to make sure it was good, and it seams to respect the naming of the timing of the animation tracks.

Here is an example of what it outputs

Not everyone can afford a 2000 something dollar program just to export animation tracks... I really hope there is a way to make this plugging work!


(3dsauce) #19

So as a little update, I think I got it working. The issue was caused by my file being corrupted somehow... still haven't figured out why or how, but other characters of mine like this one work fine! So Multi-Take does work fine!


Very cool, thanks for the update!