Multi Takes FBX Animation Export [Maya]


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Hello Hello!

I think I have good news for those of us using Maya LT 16 or Maya 16. There's a new tool called "Game Exporter" (which is under File) and using it your are able to create multiple clips. I Still haven't tried it myself but I will and as soon as I can I will leave an update here.

Heres the support page:


#22 Shows how to Retarget, Characterize, and make a FBX that is compatible with Sketchfab in Autodesk Motionbuilder.

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I can’t find how to make Sketchfab identify animation takes.
I have a character file (skinned, baked, etc) with several animations.
I assumed Sketchfab will let me define the start and end frame of each take, but all I get is either static pose or one animation for the entire keyframes duration.

How do you make Sketchfab recognize different animation takes in one FBX file?


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Hi @argamancreative,

Sketchfab loads animations as they are in the FBX file, and doesn't allow to split an existing take. The only way to get several takes is to upload a FBX file that has actually several takes inside.
Maya doesn't allow to export several takes in a single FBX file, but there are some plugins/tools that allow to achieve this, and you can find some info about how to proceed in these threads:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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there is a new game exporter for maya that can export takes
you might want to have a look into that and try it out.

file - game exporter- animation clips , set all the clips, hit export.
Didn't fully test it with sketchfab for everything yet though but it did work in my test file :slight_smile:

(maya version 2016V2 and higher)

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Yeah, I just read about it and am testing it now...
Will update how it turned out.

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I saw the first post before, but not the second.
The second one mentions the new game exporter in Maya...

Thank you!

(Argamancreative) #28

So it seems the Maya game exporter doesn't work so well.
At least not on the current characters I'm trying, which are a bit old and contain a blendshape as well.
It exports only the last animation clip defined. No keyframes exported for the animation clips defined before the last one on the timeline.


There were several threads about multi take animations in Maya. I’ve merged them all here.