Multiple color choose through API

I am implementing a multiple color choose on my 3D model and I’m having some dificulties,
I was reading some topics and I saw the best way is to use nodes in my 3D editor(in this case the Blender). And my question is, how exactly can I do that? is there any tutorial?

Basically I need to do the same thing from this post: User can change colours on model

Hi there,

Thank you very much for your interest.

Something like that is possible with our Viewer API. You can hide and show objects, edit materials in real time, control the camera, etc.

Here are some resources and samples:

Viewer API - Introduction - Sketchfab

If you can share more about your use case, I can find or build an example better suited to your needs.

Hi @james,

Thank you very much for the anwser.
I found a “solution” for multiple color with the editor blender. so, I created this model: with many different color lips over each other( as you can see, there are problems with the color lips), and I got the follow result: with different colors through API. I would like to know if there is any better way to make the model with different colors in blender.


Using the hide() and show() functions like this is an inefficient way to change colors because you have to duplicate that geometry for each color.

You should use the material functions instead: Viewer API - Functions - Sketchfab