Multiple Images Not Supported in Annotations?

I’d like to add different images to different annotations using Markdown, but it only shows the images in the last annotation. All the images in annotations in earlier orders keeps showing the loading GIF instead and never get loaded.
Is it the limitation of the Annotation feature ?

Here’s the example (both annotation has the same image URL, so to know it’s not because of one of URLs are not valid.)


I have the same problem , and when I edit an annotation with one image and I click on preview there are two images !


Thanks for reporting this bug. We’re currently working on a bug fix, it should be in production tomorrow.

This bug seems to impact only the editor, so the annotations should work on the model.




Thanks! Please keep me posted.


Thanks for backing my point! I’ve experienced same bug in the editor.

This should be good now!


@tiagojdferreira @james
Thanks, it’s working as desired!

Yes, multiple image supported in annotation depending upon the tool and software.