Multiple materials in one object

(Andre da costa) #1


I am news to sketchfab and i want to plubish a weapon with 2 diferent skin material, without having to upload the weapon model twice. Is it possible? I search the forum and Saw that other people asked but the responses pointed them towards coding the API i cant code i am a 3D artist.

Best regards

(Shaderbytes) #2

you cannot do this currently in the editor , the only way is via the API as you mentioned. since you say you cant code, you will have to just upload it twice :wink:


(Andre da costa) #3

Is it very hard to code that? Could you teach me? Sorry if i am asking too much

(Shaderbytes) #4

If you know nothing about scripting then teaching you is beyond the scope of this forum thread. I could show you code but it wont be specific to your need and since you don’t know how to code I would end up having you ask me instance by instance how to do everything which is just the same as me coding everything for you and calling it teaching … which it is not. I suggest doing some Javascript beginner stuff somewhere on the web … there is enough info out there to get a grips on doing this, written or videos. If you knuckle down it wont take you too long to get the basics down and be able to help yourself with the api

good luck

(Andre da costa) #5

Thanks you for the feedback i Will do my best

(Carlos Soriano) #6

As a Industrial Designer I encourage you to insert different skin option in the navigation menu. That would be enormously useful to show the clients five or six product finishing options in a smooth transition in a single viewer embedded anywhere, instead of five or six different viewers. Thanks for your website and for your work. Works like a charm!