Multiple Model On A Single Web Page

(Ntxdave) #1

I really like the embed feature. I would like to have access to multiple models on a single web page. However, here is what I have in mind:

  • First I want to have a thumbnail for each model. Yes, I can already do that but what I want is when I click on the thumbnail, I want that model to show up in an iFrame.

  • Now I need to be able to control the size of the thumbnail. Yes there a parameters that will allow me to specify the height and width but when I do that I only see part of the thumbnail. I want the entire thumbnail to show up but much smaller than the default.

Hope this makes sense to everyone. I have two environments where I could like to be able to do this. One is on a public web page and the other is a special web page running in a kiosk environment. In both cases, I want to provide access to the models in an interactive environment but where I have complete control.

(Gilles38) #2

Would love this too !!
Thanks for suggesting ntxdave


You can use the oEmbed endpoint to retrieve a model iframe and thumbnail URL:

Then you can embed the thumbnail image however you want to. With a small bit of javascipt you could display and load the model iframe on click. You could also use the Viewer API to load the viewer: