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Multiple textured model uploading

(Malus Lupus) #1

Quite a (couple) newbish question(s).
Basically, my first model I uploaded today has multiple textures I exported it as a single object. It seems I can only put one texture across the whole thing. Is that a hint to make it into multiple parts or am I totally missing something?

I am exporting from modo I basically get a folder full of textures which lead's to me having to apply them manually. I am using .obj format, but fbx fairs no differently.

(Mrchlblng) #2

@Malus_Lupus the issue with the OBJ is that you're not providing us the MTL file (which is the file that describes materials) and the OBJ doesn't reference any material. In that case we only add a global material in the scene.
I'm surprised that using an FBX export does the same (as with FBX, materials definition/usage is embedded).

@james do you know how to have working exports from modo?


OBJ+MTL or FBX should work from MODO, unless there are some strange MODO-specific things going on.

@Malus_Lupus could you send me the original MODO file so I can have a closer look?