Multiple textures workflow

(Albertolindesign) #1

So, is there a way to upload a model that has multiple sets of texture data? Normally UDIM, but could be two pieces of geometry with two different UV maps. Does sketchfab recognize and distinguish between the two texture maps and let you tweak the map settings as normal? Without the API I mean...

(Paulchambers3d) #2

This link should help:

Though I believe we only support UVs in the zero-to-one space.

(Mckenna Migovych) #3

You can create material instances to create tweaked versions of the same material.

(Kevin Cayuela Borg) #4

If you use zbrush, take a look to sketchfab plugin for zbrush, if you have the model textured, all textures work fine in sketchfab.