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Multiple UV maps for blender upload


(Lucahofmann) #1


I am uploading a model using the blender uploader. A material that I use contains an albedo and an ambient occlusion texture. The textures are mapped using different UV maps. I remember that I was able to select the UV map for every texture type of a material in the past. But unfortunately the UV map selector does not appear for this material. It seems to me that only the first UV map is uploaded (since the albedo texture is mapped correctly)

I also tried exporting the model as an .obj file and checked the option "export UVs" but the same problem occurred. I don't know if this matters but I am using cycles nodes in blender for my material. Maybe the exporter does not walk through cycle nodes but only takes the first UV map found on the mesh?

I would like to use the blender uploader since I like the 'uploaded with blender' badge. :slight_smile:



I don't think multiple UVs are supported in OBJ, but it should work in .blend or FBX...

One guess would be that they don't have unique names or something. Can you provide a sample Blender file so we can have a look?

Maybe @shaderbytes has some tips?

(Lucahofmann) #3

The names are unique in the scope of the mesh. But there are multiple meshes with the same UV names. I will try that out.. otherwise I will provide you with a sample Blender file. Thank you for the quick response!

(Shaderbytes) #4

Well we cant say without looking at the blend, one area that can cause problems that I know of is if you have multiple objects using a material you have to make sure all those objects have the same uv map count.

UV maps are stored at the object level in Blender but in Sketchfab they are somehow referenced per material. If a miss match occurs then it seems to pick the lowest common denominator. So if some objects only have one UV channel the other objects with two channels will be truncated or unavailable etc. this is per material..

So if Object A is using material A and has two uv maps ,, then all other objects using material A need two uv map channels as well with the same names in the same order.

(Lucahofmann) #5

Ok I renamed all UV maps to have a scene wide unique name but it did not work. It would be awesome if you could take a look over the model. Since I am a beginner I guess that the problem has to do with me anyway :slight_smile:
I added a password to the .zip file and send it as a private message to you guys.
Thank you for the support! (2.5 MB)