Multiple Uv set problem of exporting textures to sketchfab


(Ajinkyarajbhoj) #1

I am trying to import my UDIM texture map files in sketchfab.Is there a way to attach multiple uv maps of a single model in sketchfab?

(Lord00120) #2

Yes, the if you have a model with multiple uv's, you should be able to change between UV's under the material settings.

(Ajinkyarajbhoj) #3

hey problem got solved...does sketchfab does give loading issue when viewd model on mobile ?my textures are that the reason ?i tried mozilla and safari from my doesnt load giving a loading issue .. :frowning:

(Mrchlblng) #4

@ajinkyarajbhoj when you save your scene settings, we trigger some texture optimization tasks. We seem to have a bug and the output of one task disappears which makes your whole model not viewable (this is very bad, we're aware of this and will improve the viewer to be more resilient in case of missing asset). We're investigating the issue.