Multitextures on the model

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How to setup 3D model to apply more than one textures ?


What software / file format are you using?

Are you trying to have different textures on the same mesh (i.e. diffuse, specular, normal, etc.) or different textures on different meshes (i.e. multiple objects) ?

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Mass Effect 3 - Destroyer Reaper by SporeAltair on Sketchfab

Here is a model Reaper Destroyer.
For him I have 4 texture: body, head, foot and sole.

And all these textures should be placed on the model.


The 4 objects were merged together on upload because they all have the same material. You should give them unique names so they remain separate on Sketchfab.

What software did you use to create the OBJ file? If you can export an .OBJ + .MTL + texture images, and upload a ZIP, they should all be preserved.

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I have already tried to download the file, but can not see the texture.


Can you please send me the original files so I can take a closer look?

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All textures of the Reaper.



Your OBJ file references a MTL file "generic_item.mtl". What software did you use to export the OBJ? You should upload the OBJ, MTL, and texture JPGs together in a ZIP.

Then you get something like:

reaper re-map by PadreZippo on Sketchfab

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Well, one problem is solved with textures, but now began the second.

Everything was fine texture with "MTL" worked with a bang. But here I was faced with the problem of texture in all 3D programs can see on the website but their not visible. Although I downloaded the file with the file "MTL".

Mass Effect 3 - Reaper Harvester by SporeAltair on Sketchfab


Hmm. Can you go into the Material Editor and add the textures manually?

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Can, but only one. Others are not loaded.


This looks like the same problem. No material file, so all the parts get merged. Can you send me the original file(s) again?

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Okay, Harvester can wait.

I have a problem with the Destroyer Reaper V2. In the morning, when I uploaded to the site, there were no errors and texture were normal.

Then I decided to tweak his feet and turned so that his head is now merged with the body after the upload, but when it opens in the editor (Cinema 4D), with textures order.

Mass Effect 3 - Destroyer Reaper V2 by SporeAltair on Sketchfab

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Thank you for "not help". I managed myself, "Reaper Destroyer" fine now. Of course long understood but understood.

But with the Harvester I need help.


I think the problem is C4D, it doesn't use the .mtl file that we need. Could you try exporting FBX instead?