Municipal Theatre, Ho Chi Minh City


Hi everybody We are CG Art Team from Vietnam, desire to introduce to people a few architectures in VN Participate in 3D Environment Art Challenge Programe, We will modeling 3D,_Ho_Chi_Minh_City People can follow and give us some ideas to do better Thank you
href="/uploads/db4890/original/2X/d/d535332f1892a612162f13ddf687f84db180fe93.fbx">HCM opera.fbx (1.2 MB)

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why not upload it to sketchfab so we can see it in 3d without downloading?
but nice project idea you guys have :smile:


Thank you
I'm done uploading file 3d to sketfab.
You can follow-up and support us. :grinning:

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Hi, how do you mean? 'Being done with something' usually means you've had enough of it and will stop doing something. I hope you're still a Sketchfab fan!


Hi Bartv

Im sory for Delay.
I'm done uploading.

[WIP] Municipal Theatre, Ho Chi Minh City by CG on Sketchfab

Thank you for support

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Ah thanks! Great model :smile: