Muse + Sketchfab api

(Gabrielefx) #1

Hi all,
I’m not a programmer but I’m studying Adobe Muse to make a basic 3d configurator
I want to create some buttons to trigger events.
Does exist an example that shows how is possible to create a configurator with Sketchfab without learning java script from scratch?




@mauricesvay has been working on a kind of configurator configurator. Maybe he can share some more information.

(Mauricesvay) #3

Hey @gabrielefx,

we have a configurator framework that lets you build a configurator by describing the options, instead of writing code.

Here’s an example where you can configure the paint and the seat color of a car:

    "model": "36e9d3598c554bb69f3d9cd00e161818",
    "config": [
            "name": "Paint color",
            "type": "color",
            "material": ["body", "body_0"],
            "default": "#790300"
            "name": "Seat color",
            "type": "color",
            "material": ["leather_1", "leather_2"],
            "options": [
                    "color": "#333333",
                    "name": "Black"
                    "color": "#FFFFFF",
                    "name": "White"
                    "color": "#803A00",
                    "name": "Brown"
            "default": "#803A00"

The framework that can read this configuration is currently hosted on github:

Of course, you need a Premium or Enterprise plan if you want to use the Viewer API commercially:

(Gabrielefx) #4

Hi Maurice,
do you have any example?
I see a code.
At the moment I have the Pro account. No problem to upgrade it but I need the basic to understand how it works.
For example If I embed one Sketchfab html scene in Muse I’d like to add buttons to interact with the viewer.
I could use Dreamweaver to build an html page because there are lots of tutorials, at the moment I know Adobe Muse only.