Museum Scanning Services

(Barbierilow) #1

About this service

I am available to create 3D models for museums and private collections for display on the web or in virtual tours. I have a PhD in Art History from Princeton (2001), and have been co-curator of several exhibitions of Asian art.

  • Refences/former clients: I have created 3D models for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and for the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana.

Service Description

  • Specialization: I create 3D models of museum and archaeological objects for educational and institutional use. I can also perform art historical research on the models to include annotation information.
  • Equipment/software: Photogrammetry 3D scanning using Agisoft PhotoScan and 3D SOM, with hand touchups in Maya and Mudbox.
  • Location: I am based in Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Ability to travel: I am willing to travel to anywhere with my equipment, but travel expenses will be charged separately.
  • Resolution: High.
    Max/Min scannable sizes: I have produced good results from objects as small as 3 cm and as large as 2 meters in size.
  • Textures: .jpg up to 4096*4096
  • Deliverable file formats: I can deliver the files in OBJ format, or standalone players for Flash, Java, or WEB GL.
  • Additional Services: I can also create virtual museums to display the objects for web-based or mobile delivery.
  • Costs: The costs vary per project, but generally I charge $1,000 per finished model, plus any additional travel expenses.


Ceramic Head from a Larger Horse Model by barbierilow on Sketchfab

Human Head with Gold Mask by barbierilow on Sketchfab

Greek Cup by barbierilow on Sketchfab