Mushroom Magic (Blender)

Howdy, I have not posted any work on the forum in a while, so I thought to post this which is totally different to the recent things I have been creating.

I often think mushrooms and fungi throw up some of nature’s most bizarre and alien looking designs
I have seen a bunch of documentaries over the years, photography and most recently many cute mushrooms being created by artists on sketchfab.

Its all inspired me try to try make a fictional/fantasy/alien one myself. I had to step outside my comfort zone as I have never before attempted anything organic or life based like this before.

The main stalks where created with simple spiral tool in blender, and I used proportional editing to control the thickness of the stalk and also to wrap / hug the smaller one around the taller one.
I then loop selected 4 edges on each of the stalks and copied these edges , made them into curves and beveled them, using the same proportional editing as i did before to create the orange like ribbing going up the stalks.
The Caps where made with a simple curve + screw modifier with some additional modifications.
And the other details are simple enough to make this into a tidy diorama presentation.

Here is the complete diorama without any scene/material setup apart from a base material + post processing settings to make the raw model look more rich.
Incidentally this specific combination of material + post process I like to call the sketchfab microscopy shader, in that it resembles the effect an electron microscope gives, especially when moving and zooming right in , the contrast shifting behaves very similar to an electron microscope

After making another attempt at putting the diorama into a properly lit/material scene I was not very happy with the results, so I then decided to create another version this time making use of lots of glows to give a really alien look to it which I think I am happy enough with.
All the material work here is exclusively done with sketchfab. The only instance of material work done in blender was assigning a simple gradient texture so I could use that as a visual reference when adjusting UV mapping in blender, 100% material work including further UV mapping modifications and all post processing where completely done in sketchfab


Wow, this looks fantastic !! I love it

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thanks so much :smiley: