Music Video : What do I tell her?

Hello All,

During the lockdown, I had the chance to work on a personal project.

A lyrics music video based on an old poem.

Thanks to all who shared downloadable 3D models on sketchfab.

Vimeo :

I hope you and the family are all safe and well.

Best regards,


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Old Attic / Dachboden: Old Attic / Dachboden - Download Free 3D model by nedo (@nedo) [fa37a3a] - Sketchfab

Plane crash : Plane Crash by a Brothel in Nevada - Download Free 3D model by Azad Balabanian (@azadbal) [9931703] - Sketchfab

Train : Sydney Trains S Set Low Poly - Download Free 3D model by PolyDucky (@halpmehplzdaddy) [e3b24e0] - Sketchfab

Trestle-bridge : Trestle bridge - Download Free 3D model by UoM Digitisation Centre (@uomdigitisation) [80ade29] - Sketchfab

TOKYO night back :

Making snapshots :

@firas3d This is so damn cool! I’m glad i found this cause i can tell a lot of effort went into it. Such a cool example of how sketchfab opens the door to so many people with resources and stuff they wouldn’t easily be able to get.

Super cool project well done :slight_smile:

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MisterWolfen thanks … glad you the visuals, for sure it won’t be possible without the available resources on sketchfab.