My 2¢ of ZBrushing


(Simon Kratz) #1

Hi and welcome fellow ZBrushers! :slight_smile:

With the addition of this sub-category I just wanted to drop in and share some of the stuff I learned over the years with this awesome piece of software. I might add more in the future and everyone is welcome to share his knowledge here, too. The more the better :slight_smile:

There's a couple of standard ressources I found over the years that everyone seems to be using. Some of them can be downloaded for free, others are well hidden inside of the ZBrush UI. Here's a couple of brushes I really learned to love.

Really love the Orb Cracks brush for stylized cracks and defining lines which can be downloaded from Orbs website for free here. An even more advanced package can be downloaded from Orb's gumroad. Be kind and support him :slight_smile:

Those 4 are my standard sculpting brushed for almost everything. I use the to define the base shapes of early sculpts as well as adding final details. You should check them out, won't regret!

- Anything from the ZPlugin palette!

If you wanna find out how far you can get without any other program then definitely check out the ZPlugin submenu. It contains tools to unwrap, decimate your polycount, pose your model, bake maps sketch in 2.5D and much more.

Some basic deformation modifiers can be found here. The top most button 'Unify' is really handy. It scales your model to exactly one ZBrush unit, making sure all other modifiers and ZBrush functions work properly!

You can actually pretty easy grab the view space ZDepth of your model as a alpha texture. In the BrushAlpha submenu there's a tiny button 'GrabDoc'. Pretty cool for adding details that were once modeled and later applied as height map detail to other models.
And you can easily sculpt coins with your character's face on it :smiley:

I will frequently add more bits of stuff I know. Until then, Happy ZBrushing :slight_smile:

(Chaitanyak) #2

thanks have bookmarked this.. havnt had zbrush on my machine since i went freelance.
but someday this will come handy :slight_smile: