My 3D Model was stolen from Sketchfab and is being sold online

(Shihar) #1


Im writing to make everyone aware that one of my models, uploaded to sketchfab has been ripped from sketchfab and is being sold in a website called

An artists on Artstation contacted and made me aware that my model was uploaded in this website as was one of his models.
I have never uploaded my model on the internet apart from sketchfab nor have I sold it in Sketchfab or else where. I have linked the model to my Artstation portfolio.

It seems they somehow downloaded the model from Sketchfab and the renders from Artstation and are now selling them on their website.

I have no idea how many models have been stolen but I can identify some work from Squir from turbosquid in the website.

I hope Sketchfab and the comunity can help us take this website down or remove our work from it.

Thank you.

(Axeonalias) #2

Just had a quick look through there and recognized stuff from all over, this isnt good for anyone :slight_smile:



not sure how anyone can possibly deal with this sort of thing?

(Shihar) #3

Thank you for finding this. It’s helps to find more artists that are affected and get more people together to do something about this.

So it seems like they took models from all over the place.
I’ll try to contact them in the unity store and let them know too.

Thank you very much!

(Dremorn) #4

My colleagues and I found our models on the pirate site, the fact is that they are united by a common scene (namely, marmosset viver or, in your case, your own twist) I understand that there was again some possibility about using software to pull models and textures from 3d viewer.

(Bart) #5

Thanks for reporting this. We’re sorry to hear about this situation and will take legal action against the Desirefx website to get all Sketchfab models removed as soon as possible. We’ll follow up here when more information becomes available.

To help us expedite things, you can also file a DMCA notice against the infringing content (DMCA notices need to be filed by the copyright holder - we cannot do that for you, unfortunately). You’ll find more information about that on this page.

You can use our DMCA helper application - it will email you a valid DMCA takedown notice, which you can then forward to, their published email address.

(Shihar) #6

@dremorn sorry to hear that, but I think this site will soon be closed as we managed to get a lot of people to compliant to the company that host the website.

@bartv thank you very much for looking into this. I got a notification that has been given notice about this and the website will be shut down soon if they don’t respond. I’m waiting to see what happens.

(Polygonal Miniatures) #7

I’ve had a number of my models stolen from Cubebrush, Artstation and Sketchfab (buy, upload and chargeback scam). Hosting behind desireFX,, makes actual money hosting our models, offering subscriptions for faster downloads and should be taken down ASAP. They don’t respond to DMCA takedowns. My blood is boiling.

(Ckohl Art) #8

@bartv Your legal team may already be on this but I figure I’ll comment anyway: I did a WHOIS lookup on their domain and this desirefx website’s domain registrar is They’re a reputable registrar (I use them for my own personal domains and hosting) and I bet they’d take action if their support staff is contacted with evidence that one of their clientele is engaged in massive copyright infringement.

(Bart) #9

We’re aware, thanks!

(Shihar) #10

@Polygonal_Miniatures there are so many people affected by this and seems like there is nothing we can do. we were told that this site will be taken down by the people who host it, My model was taken down for a few days and its there again. its so frustrating.

@bartv and @ckohl_art thanks for help. I’ve notified as many people as I can, hopfully someone can manage to take it down.

(Shtwophell) #11

I have recently been affected by this too, how can we stay up to date on whats being done about this?

(Bart) #12

Hi everyone, quick update: as far as I can tell all Sketchfab content has been removed from this site now, and no more Sketchfab content should appear there. If not, please let us know and we’ll chase it up.

(Shihar) #13

Hi @bartv

My model is still on the site. Would it be possible to get it removed? If you search for “BRZ” it comes up as the first result.

If you can help me that would be awesome.

Thank you.

(Bart) #14

Sorry to hear that, we’ll follow up right away.