My 3D website is out! :D

(Punkoffice) #1

v1.0 of my website has just been published. Pls check it out everyone. Its in full 3D!!

(Nataliak) #2

open_mouth Wow! That's like being inside the Sketchfab viewer! Super cool!!

(Mark A) #3

Those rotating models are quite nice!

(Punkoffice) #4

That's the inside of my photogrammetry camera rig. If you look at the walls you'll notice the Nikon D5200 cameras poking out. I had to reduce the scanned people to 10k polys to make it fast enough. Because they are such big triangles I had to make them shadeless otherwise it'd be obvious. That was the main battle, optimising so it can still run a high FPS on mobile!

(Gerpho) #5

Wow !
nice work smiley

(Bart) #6

Wow great work! How did you create that?

(Punkoffice) #7

I created the basic scene in Unity3D then exported it to Babylon.js. The website is running the Babylon.js framework. Its also SEO compliant, all views crawlable by major search engines. If you look at the web browser address you'll notice it change when you spin around and click on different items. The text is stored in HTML files. The 3D website will use that text to build the scene, but a search engine will see that text in a normal HTML version.