My account is gone

For some reason my account has recently been removed from the site.
I want to recovering the account because it has existed since 2015 and I feel sorry for him and if it’s possible. The account was linked to Google, Twitter and Facebook if they may help.
There is link:

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Looks like this account might have been removed while we were doing some account clean-up. If this is your account and you’d like to restore it, can you write to Support here:


Thank you very much! I really appreciate your effort in recovering my account. I have two more questions. First. How do I have to protect myself so that the situation won’t happen again in the future? Will throwing my unfinished tank model solve the problem? And the second one. What should I do with my second account that I used to post this post? Just delete it for not to do spam or leave it?
Thanks again, I’m so happy :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome and, once again, I’m sorry for the trouble. It was an oversight on our end so there isn’t quite a way to protect your account or avoid it, but if something similar ever happens again writing to our Support team via email would be much more effective than posting in the forum.

Likewise, you can feel free to delete the second account, if you’d like.