My account was deleted

For some reason my account was deleted. I didn’t do it. I had to create a new one. What the hell is going on?

We’re looking in to this, we’ll get back to you asap.

Sorry for the delay. I just restored the account, but there is nothing in our logs about why it was deleted.

Thank you. But I’m more interested in why this happened.

We suffered a huge spam account attack lately. 10,000s of accounts posting spam links and comments. Because there were so many, we had to be quite ruthless in removing accounts based on some heuristic techniques like loosely matching email address domain, IP address ranges, site behavior, etc. It seems in this case there was a false positive. I’m very sorry about that.

The same thing happened to my account today:
What is going on here? :slightly_frowning_face:

It doesn’t seem related to a spam clean up, but I’ve restored your account.


Thanks :slight_smile:

the same thing happens to me today can anyone help me?
I didn’t do it and my account is deleted for some reason is my account that got deleted

Hi Sam,

(I deleted your duplicate post). It seems your IP address matched some spammers who we deleted yesterday and you were included by accident. We restored your account, our apologies for the inconvenience!


thank you so much

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Sorry. Both of those accounts were deleted too long ago to restore.

Your account deletion does seem to be an accident related to a spam attack clean up. However, the other one does not look related.

I can remove your username from our database so you can sign up again, though.

Thanks for answer. Sadly there is no point for it if I can’t regain my account. That account was important because of likes and authors I was following. Looks like I need to start from zero.

I recently discovered that my account ( was deleted too.
Would it be possible to bring it back to life, or at least let me register under the same e-mail/name again?
Thanks in advance.

We’re sorry but your account was deleted too long ago to restore. Feel free to sign up again.