My animation test - Frame rate problem?

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Hello guys!

I would like to show to you my animation test and already highlight some bugs I found. My test was to try to play an animation through 13 plane objects, each with a frame of a looping animation. Every frame, one of the planes is ahead of the others, and then immediately goes back behind while another plane comes to the front.

In 3dsMax, the animation works properly, as you can check here:

Unfortunately I did not have the same result here:

Magic Box - Test Animation by Nukearts on Sketchfab

Note: In this angle the animation is frozen, but when you rotate the model, it works.

Was this a problem of frame rate? What about the viewer?



Maybe @mauricesvay has some idea, after making this animation?

Animated Nyan Cat by Maurice S. on Sketchfab

(Mauricesvay) #3

The animation seems to work fine here. Maybe increasing the offset between the current plane and the others might help? The problem you describe looks like z-fighting.

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@mauricesvay, now that you said it, I believe this is a browser problem. I was using Chrome, but when opening the animation in Firefox, it worked properly.

But the strange thing is that your animation of Nyan Cat worked in both browsers, and my animation only did in Firefox =(

(Mauricesvay) #5

Not sure it's a framerate problem. The issue is still visible when the animation is slown down. Can you set the file as downloadable so we can check?

(Nukearts) #6

Sure! I've done this.



It's buggy for me in Chrome.