My Avatar in 3D, what do you think?

Hello, everybody! Im making a character for a simple animation for a livestream channel, and want some opinions and tips to make it look better.
I want to say, I’m not too good with Blender (where I model everything) or modeling and texturing in general. It’s just a hobby, so please have it in mind.

¡Hola a todos! Estoy haciendo un personaje para una animación simple para un canal en vivo, y quiero algunas opiniones y consejos para hacerlo ver mejor.
Quisiera decir que no soy muy bueno en Blender (donde modelo todo) o en modelado y texturizado en general. Ésto es solo un hobby, por favor tengan eso en mente.

It’s based on this… thing I drew a long time ago from a scribble.
Está basado en esta… cosa que dibujé hace mucho tiempo a partir de un garabato.

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The character looks quite uncanny due to the blank eyes, and you should probably improve the topology around the hands and knees, elbow…
But for a simple animation, I think it’ll do the trick :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answer. I like those blank eyes and the creepy look, so I’ll leave these like that (maybe, for now).
About the bad topology, I never noticed how bad it was. I must find some tutorials, I’m still a rookie and I find hard some things with organic models. Maybe checking the wireframe in some models here in Sketchfab can be helpful.
Thanks again for the answer, elbriga ^^

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have a few inputs that might help make it a little more interesting…
firstly i like the face…, except the blank eyes could be blanker… the light reflections are making it look weirdly plastic like…maybe a weirdly sized and colored retina will maintain the eerie quality

next i’d like you to work with the proportions of the extremeties… they need to be in proportion to the exaggerated head in order to look visually cohesive…

and finally the contouring of the body needs some attention… i get that its a avatar… but he still doesnt need to be thaat stick like…
(my doodle is just an indication of how adjusting the stance or adding some musculature could work)


Wow, I never expected such complete and detailed answer, thanks!
All these tips will be really useful, not only for this model, and really like what you did with the pants, I didn’t figured out why it looks so bad no matters what I do.
I need to put all those tips in practice, thanks again!

Changed the pants shape, hands and feet are bigger, the specular in the white eyes are bigger (still looks like plastic, I must experiment a bit with this) and now it looks much better. Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll be uploading the updated model, with armature and a pose.

By the way, about the eyes, I still like the white ones.

Without white eyes the character will be able to track things, but I still like how he’s looking at nothing, tracking objects directly with his head.

I like how characters without eyes and white ones looks, tbh:

(characters from Eddsworld)

Maybe this in a 3D character don’t fit, but I’ll try.

Edit: okay, after watching those tree I kinda like the third one, the one with your design. Maybe I’m going to use it.

heh, don’t worry too much about my feedback, stick to your guns wherever possible… if we all just conformed, we’d never create anything unique ever!

your blank eyed character actually reminded me of a different project, seen this - The Goon Movie(trailer and other concept art at this link - )

that character has blank eyes… maybe dulling the reflections is the key…

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It seems like the eyes in the 2nd are popping out to much, might just make them a little flatter and lower the reflection a bit. Tom was my favorite charakter in eddsworld, so you got my attention.
might give him the head shape of the 3rd, flatter eyes and the mouth of the 2nd.

Do you have a specific max res ? if not i would add some more polys to the headset. Especially the round part on the top.

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Haha, pretty cool character (and trailer), and the white eyes looks good on him. His eyes are kinda flat an not spherical, my character’s eyes aren’t, and are popping out, like @dark_minaz said.
By the way, the three heads are the same, I only used a bit different expressions : P
I’m adding the shape keys (morphing) later to use them all. About the headset, you are right, it looks too low poly, I don’t have any limits, so I must fix it.

Now I have a better idea about what to do. I need to reshape half of the head and use non spherical eye shape, I need to make some tests. Thanks a lot for the comments, very helpful! ^^

Edit: how about now? More cartoonish but way much better.

A gif with the new eyes:

(Ignore the shinny skin, I need to adjust that)

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hmm it does make a big difference!
i’d say move on with it now :smile:

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Here is what I have done so far:

Am I doing it right? :blush:
I think I need to redo the textures with more resolution and make something with the weird looking shoes.

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thats some great progress right there! well done.
all i can think of is some refinements for the hands
basically fix some of the bulges… and concave shapes… and work on the finger segments… they should typically be same size… ie: each finger will usually have segments of the same size… (look at your real hand for example)

at the end of the day it is a stylised charicature, so don’t use real world measurements :slight_smile: just avoid it looking “weird” by following standard proportions … another thing i often do is look at how 2d animators do it eg-

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You are right, the fingers are pretty bad in proportions, that’s why I can’t close completely his hand. I always used this image as blueprint for all hands:
This time I used the bones for the armature, not so good idea.
Looks like a cartoon and a realistic model can’t share the same bones. Check this old model:

All the segments have the same size, like cartoonish, if you rotate the hand it looks really weird : P

I must stop using blueprints for things like that, tomorrow I’ll fix that. Thanks a lot for all your help, I appreciate it : D

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nice textures and animation on that hand!

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I’m amazed by the quality of your improvements in such a short time! :open_mouth:
This topic is a great example of how feedback can significantly help improve quality.

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Starting to look real good, a bit more details on the pants, shoes and the sleeves of the shirt and you got a really cool new 3d avatar :smiley:

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Here is the model from my last image, no changes done for now:

@chaitanyak I made the texture with two photos, no big deal, tbh :blush:

@essimoon Thanks, and you are right, feedback can be really important, I made a lot of fixes in this model thanks to the comments, otherwise it would look pretty bad. I never notice the bad details in my models until somebody tells me.

@dark_minaz I had so many problems trying to make the jeans looks like jeans, I still need to work on it. I don’t notice what is wrong. Some 3D wrinkles, maybe? I’m not sure. About the sleeves, you are right, looks like a pair of pipes. The shoes needs to be re-made and not so very low-poly. If I can’t make it look good maybe I’ll cheat a bit and make it black shoes, haha.

Thanks again for al the comments, guys. I really appreciate it too much ^^
(Damn, I love the Sketchfab’s community!)

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looks great!
All the best with your future models.
ps: do show us how you use this model in the livestream

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Of course! It’s going to be various animations (8-12 seconds) to show in the middle of the screen automatically for every new follower in the livestream, so I will be able to publish them here in Sketchfab ^^
I’m going to use the character for other things if something comes in mind.

thought you might want to use it with facerig.

  • to the jeans, well it’s mostly the area around the knees and the general junk part. just looks a bit to flat.
  • shirt, exactly, you did a nice job with the details on the side, but the sleeves just looks like nothing has been done yet

Well looking forward to the finished version

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