My BeamNG.Drive car models and mods

(Sergent Fido) #1

Hi there !
I'm new here, and i would like to share my work in 3D modelling and texturing for the mods i do for the game
I worked in video games and left the activity 16 years ago to become an illustrator, and when i discovered this moddable game i wanted to learn again and used this as an exercice of learning Blender and modern way of texturing.

I began by modifying an existing low poly model of a 1980 Oldsmobile Regency that i purchased to its creator Paul Busuego, and finally got it completly redone. Then i extended the body style to the 1980 Delta 88 (i own a real one, my first motivation was to have my car in game) when i felt more in my ease with modelling. And then made all the details, engine modelisation and texturing, interior, and so on.

Modelling and texturing for a mod is just half of the work, the other half is to deal with the physics skeleton, so that engine specifications, the body deformations will look good, realistic, and enjoyable.

Now the mod is a 80's mod pack, it includes more than 100 presets of cars, with lots of variants like taxi, police, and so on.
I became a friend of a famous GTA modder, Carface80, and i merged his work about the Chevy Caprice, so that his work on the body will become compatible with my chassis, engines, drivetrain, and so on. In reality those cars are cousins, sharing the same platform, so i enjoyed a lot making things work like it was in reality.
So at the end this resulted in hundred of hours of work, and i'm happy about people feedback about it.

You can see an overview of the presets on the dedicated forum, if you want to know more :

here is the first video trailer (first release)

and here the second video trailer (second release including chevrolet Caprice by Carface, Regency Limousine, Destruction derby cars, Off roads and so on)

I hope this is okay for a long presentation like that, it was so much work that i feel the need to explain the whole project.

Now i will share some 3D models here, and these are the first two (i'll update the thread with new variants and also other mods than the 1980 american cars, that are being worked on)

1980 Oldsmobile Ninety-Nine Regency :

3D model and texturing by me. Base model by Paul Busuego but now only a few vertices are common (and it was just an external shape, no interiors nor panels). I didn't planned to do a big mod as i was a beginner about this game technology, so i started to just have fun with learning Blender, but the project grew up, people joined it for the technical aspects of it so i finally did lots more work than i supposed i ever do on it. So i remodelled it all, scrapped the front end that was OFF on the basic model and did all the interiors, engine, and so on. Recently, as i added Carface80 Chevy Caprice work, i also used some of his parts for the drivetrain, to replace the previous one, and i retextured it.

This how it looks like wrecked in game, to show you the ability of this game in car damage as one of all the amazing physics feature of this game.

1980 Oldsmobile Ninety-Nine Regency : Rusty Variant

This one was left in a yard for 30 years. It's pretty fun to drive ingame as it makes horrid sound, falls in parts when running on small bumps, and wrecks like tinfoil.

Physical result that is quickly reached with this piece of crap :

Thank you for reading me, i hope it wasn't too much boring. I would be happy to read your feedback and answer your questions if any. Have a nice day !

(Sergent Fido) #2

New variant added, the Oldsmobile Delta 88 Diesel :slight_smile:

And a stripped off frame of the same Diesel car :

I worked a lot on details like the injection pump on the top of the engine, under the air filter, which has the correct output fuel lines corresponding to the proper cylinders.
This is a car i own for real and i had the opportunity to change this injection pump, restarting the Diesel engine is a nightmare after that he he. Well i'm speaking too much but i'm a car nut. Thanks for reading me, have a nice day.