My best submission to date, cartoony mecha

(Rdmdanimation) #1

hi this is my best submision to sketchfab, wanted to see what others may think

cartoon mecha by rdmdanimation on Sketchfab

texturing is one of my weakest parts so this texture was very cartoony not just to follow the style of the design but also to test my skills before trying something more complex

originally it had a seat inside and the limbs are rectractable,was gonna add a version with the front door open to show the cabin but was taking too long already

any feedback is apreciated

(Nomadking) #2

I like the design @rdmdanimation, the large hands and feet with skinny limbs work well, and the lights above the visor/screen are a nice touch. The exhausts from the jetpack and the plates that hang down around his waist are also great details :wink:

Obviously you said you were trying something out with the texturing, and it hasn't come out too bad, but it could do with more variation in colours - with the lighting off I can see you used multiple colours but they aren't very contrasted and just become muddy under the stark lighting.

I'd have used two or three different contrasted metal (maybe one of them painted) and added more details. You have some faded 'warning' stripes around the top and on the backpack that you could have made yellow/orange, then used the same colour to add other details across the model. Don't be afraids of stronger colours! :smile:

(Rdmdanimation) #3


I do think the colours do may need some variation,I kind of improvised a bit with the texture overall

dont know if maybe I change some colors,but I dont want to spend so much time on just one model

EDIT: changed the camo to a brighter color and the stripes to a more red tone similiar to the red belly number