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My Downloadable model suddenly not Downloadable anymore ?!


(Don42) #1

I already encountered this odd behavior two times within few months .

I made two of my models Free aka. Downloadable and clicked on "Save changes"
But the next time i went back to the models they where suddenly somehow set to not free ; not downloadable ?!


I am able to download many of your models, for example:

Which two are not working?

(Don42) #3

that's not the problem ; i have already set them back to downloadable and the luckily stayed so .. the problem was ; and sorry that i wasn't clear enough ; that i already once set them to downloadable but they went automatically back to non downloadable ..

..only wanted to say that since it was odd and quite annoying.. cant tell anything that helps to reproduce this .. no clue why it happened either ):


Hmm ok, I'm sorry about that! Can you let us know if it happens again? I'll mark this as solved for now.