My First Donut and Coffee

Hello, I’m a total noob at 3D. And now this is the almost final result of my donut & coffee, I could really use some tips ^^

I think i would name this picture “Dunkin’ Cafe” lol


Looks very good. Now add a challenge for yourself and make it usable in real time rendering with normal, ao, albedo and sss maps.
Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you!
Idk what realtime render, normal, ao, etc… But I will try to search for a tutorial. Thanks again :smiley:

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Keywords: PBR, Game assets

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Well done Rayzaldi, I am still struggling to develop a Blender Brain, so appreciate how good it must feel to achieve such good donuts.

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Okay I learned Lighting, PBR, and something about topology.
And this is what I get so far, it is not a donut. But I’m just showing my progress! :smiley:

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