My first photogrammetry - any tips?


(Paintpaul) #1

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
Here is my first photogrammetry-model:

Do you have any tips on how to improve? I want my next scans to look more cleaned up! What can I do to close the big hole on the bottom-side for example? What software is best to get a good mesh with a nice texture?

Thank you in advance,


(Nebulousflynn) #2

hey @paintpaul - good job :slight_smile:

It looks like you are using Autodesk ReMAke? There are some in-built tools to edit your raw scan meshes - decimation, smoothing, editing etc. There are a bunch of tutorial videos on their site:

Their video on "Extrude & Slice" should help with closing the hole at the bottom:

In addition you might want to look into a couple of free pieces of software: MeshLab and Blender.

Hope that's useful, feel free to shoot any more questions this way!

(Paintpaul) #3

thank you very much! yeah I was using Remake. And the video u send me is really helpfull! thx!
I probably have to switch to blender soon.

(Johnson Martin) #4

One other method I use is to bring it into a 3d texturing software (such as Blender) and clone stamp over the un-textured holes.

(Paintpaul) #5

Do you mean: after I fill the holes (bottom side of my scan) there is no texture, thats why you use blender to clone stamp the untextured parts? Thats a great idea! Havent used blender that much! So now its time to :slight_smile:

(Johnson Martin) #6

Yep, that's the summary of it. It works pretty well, of course it takes some work to get it took look good on complex surfaces.

(Paintpaul) #7

Thank you! Just downloaded the newest version of blender! Now I have to get used to work in blender :slight_smile:

(Johnson Martin) #8

Awesome! Let us know how it goes!

(Paintpaul) #9

I will! :slight_smile:

(Nestor F. Marques) #10

Hey! Nice first photogrammetric model @paintpaul

I recommend you to learn how to get better results with blender because is a basic tool that will help you to discover new ways of doing the same work in your models.

Start trying things out and you'll see that once you get used to the software, new ideas will come up to you.

We are here to help if you need anything!

(Paintpaul) #11

thank you very much! Thats very kind of you! :slight_smile:
Yeah I start using blender. My main areas I want to use blender for are going to be cleaning up photogrammetry meshes, texturing phoogrammetry models, handpainting meshes and sculpting. Do you have any recources/tutorials or tips especially on these topics?