My first renderings!

My first renderings!

They have been 4-minute renders, but … my room looked like the power plant in Spain, a heat, a noise, it was only necessary that the PC expel smoke and fire!

In Nintendo, I screwed up a lot, I don’t know if I was in a hurry, because of the enthusiasm, or because of lack of information!

I made the renders, with the “European Version” logo, one day later I realized that the “Spanish Version” or “Version Española” existed, I only had to recreate the lyrics, but I had used the renders to make the graphics out of the box, :sweat_smile: go miserable.

TV Brand - Techno-Vision
Model: QuadroColor

This TV is my own brand, manufactured by me, I have released two to the market, without cables and without speakers.
I have also closed the company “Techno-Vision”, until next time.


What game are you going to play?

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Man, with the “NES” would play Super Mario Bros. 3
(Although I never had a “NES”, I had the damn “Creation” more false than a wooden coin! ) :sweat_smile:


Have you tried using for your renders? Several other users have been using our viewer to do their renderings :slight_smile:

Nice work on your rendering

P.S.: Super Mario Bros 3 would also be on my list (though my favorite is probably the original The Legend of Zelda)

P.P.S.: I just love that glorious golden cartridge

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Hi Tiago,

I just looked at that link, and I didn’t know what the hell it was, I’ll have to try it, to see how it goes!

And the problem with the renders, is that I have a fairly basic old PC, and some worse adjectives hahaha:
6th generation i3, with 8Gb of Ram, and a graphics card: 1050 Ti of 4Gb.

Of course I can see if I make the Zelda cartridge, having the other base I just need to make the graphics.

  • EDIT
    P.S. If the 3D scene is not published, does it not work?
    It’s a shame, because, I have the scene waiting for a correction from the Sketchfab team.

  • Here I leave a capture, in the Sketchfab editor.

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