My first scanned models

Hello :slight_smile:

I am new here, hopefully I’m sharing these on the right thread.

These are my first scans, made with 3df Zephyr, 3ds max and Substance.

I am new to the entire scanning thing, so any comments or advice would be much appreciated.
If you have any tips on how to improve the workflow at any stage (UVW, remeshing, maps), I’d be happy to hear.

Atm, I’m doing making all meshes quads, although I’m not really sure if that’s necessary. My background is not really in game development and modeling, but rather in industrial design, so I’m not absolutely sure how the process goes, nor how the final output for game or movie should look like.


Hi laboratorija

Those scans look awesome. Well optimized and textured.

Personally i pretty much always go for triangles, since 3d models are always triangulated when imported in game engines. So you get more geometry for your polycount.

UV’s also look good, if i would nitpick, you could improve a little there; making more use of the texture space and spacing out the islands a bit more in some cases.

Cheers, Casper

Hey Casper, thanks for taking your time to reply, I really appreciate the feedback!

Awesome page btw, you have some amazing stuff there :+1:

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Hello, this scan is amazing, but only the last one has a good topology and I can use this object to game. The rest of the objects have too many polygons for me. No problem with which such a good normal maps, you can reduce the number of polygons :slight_smile:


Thanks for replying! I’m very glad you like my scans.

I am relatively new to this workflow (coming from product design and visualization, I never had a need to optimize models as well as one might do for a game engine).
Original idea when I started scanning was to develop a workflow that’ll allow me to produce highly detailed models suitable for closeup studio shots in Vray, although as you can see, I’m not quite there yet. :slight_smile:
But yes, you have the point, game industry probably is the market I should focus on, so I better learn how to optimize :sunglasses:
Basically, atm, I don’t know what the requirements are, both in terms of polycount, and texture size.

If you could point me to some resources or tutorials covering this matter, that’d be super helpful!