My last creation! Bullbones


(Rickerson Martines Aparecido) #1

(Draconius) #2

Creepy! Haha. Nice texture work and character design. I would try to smooth out the animation a little bit, as the motion seems a little choppy, however. Some of the ways the body is contorting is a little unnatural, even given the character, such as the angle of the arm holding the bone. The body needs to also bob up and down a little too, especially since the walk is asymmetrical. If you look at it from the front view, this becomes a lot more apparent. All in all, cool concept.

(Rickerson Martines Aparecido) #3

Thanks by your reply! :smiley: , about the critics, i just realized those things when you have said, and yes, i didn’t moved the bob, but thanks for remember me, i will do right next time… about the texture, i’m glad that you like, i’m a beginner in texturing, everything was handpainted…