My latest work about Fisherdog

(Fatsnail) #1

This two characters I have developed from this summer

I have started from humanoid character.... but is so boring :smile: I decided to make it as a sweet anthropomorphic creature. On this picture on top you can see a evolution of this character from human to dog.

One friend of mine work at puppet studio, I asked him to create a toy from my concept. I just wanted to touch my creative artwork. Just want to say that this is incredible feeling to see and touch your character in real world. Tree weeks later i took my toy and after that i have made a zbrush model. Also there is not the finish line. Now I developing a game about Fisherdog. You can watch on our progess on twitter :

Dog with mouse by fatsnail on Sketchfab

(Shaderbytes) #2

Awesome , I love the art style! Any links to info about the game?

(Bart) #3

Thanks for sharing! I really love those 'from start to finish stories'. And creating a doll based on your 3D character? That's incredible! Might make an awesome prize for a future character modeling contest here maybe? :smile: Does your friend do commissioned work?

(Fatsnail) #4

Now I preparing all the stuff. You can add follow me on tweeter to see our progress

(Fatsnail) #5

Hey the doll was firstly :smile: I will ask about commissions. Think it's possible.

(Bart) #6

That would be great, thanks!