My liked models have disappeared

as the title says, i have around 216 liked models, but as of today, only one of them appears in my liked list, when i tried removing that liked model to see if that fixed the problem it only showed me an empty page, that liked model and other recently liked models do appear normally, i know models can be deleted, but i find it really strange that all 216 got removed at the same exact time, and well, the numer hasn’t changed, it still says 216 even if the page is empty.

I just checked and all the models are still uploaded on the page, and they appear again in the list if i remove the like and then put it back

Hmm, I’m not sure what’s going on here. I’ll ask our Web team and get back to you tomorrow.


Same here, I have 713 likes but my likes page display only the models I liked yesterday. All the others disappeared.

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And the same here, likes counter shows 237 and non of them is visible…

Yes, everyone is affected. We’re working on a fix.


fantastic to hear that!