My masks are not working in a particular model :(

(Javierdl) #1

This is the draft file:

I am doing the exact same process for other models needing masks, yet it's not working for the "mistletoe_leaf", and "mistletoe_leaf_02".
Can anyone inspect this please? :smile:


(Javierdl) #2

Pretty please? :worried: ....

(Javierdl) #3

I'm so happy to say I solved it!!!
First off, the Diff file had to be a PNG (w/an Alpha).
Secondly, the masks files had the _diff suffix, I suppose this was giving the wrong instruction to Sketchfab.

Now it's all working :smile:



I guess I spoke too soon :frowning:
The above did work on a test file, only containing the offending model/textures.
But now that I went back to the original larger file and tried to apply these new findings, is not working, again :frowning:

(Johnson Martin) #4

Seeing as it's working in an isolated file. My guess is that you missed something. I would re-export all the textures again to make sure you did everything exactly as in the isolated project.

Could you post a working link in your original post? It seems to be broken.

(Javierdl) #5

Thanks for replying JM :smile:
I already tried new textures files, but didn't solve it. Hence I am inclined to do a 2nd upload and see if that'd do.

I clicked on the link in the original post, and it brought me to the right place. I ignore why it would not work with you :neutral_face:

Yes, uploading it to another slot worked! :smile:
Too bad I'll have to setup the rest of the nearly 100 textures, again :frowning:
But it's still better than those 2 textures not working at all.


(Johnson Martin) #6

Ah great! Sometimes that how things go. Just gotta live with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bart) #7

Ah, I imagine that the _diff prefix might trigger some PBR-import related behavior. @waleguene any thoughts on that?

(Waleguene) #8

Hi @javierdl,

Our processing uses the suffixes to determine in which channel the texture has to be put, according to a predefined mapping. There are several suffixes for each map type, and they are obvious so you should not have issue with them). If your texture has a suffix that is not in our mapping, it will not be mapped.
Also, the material name has to be contained in the texture filename :smile:

I hope it helps!