My model being used on Roblox (monetized)

Hello, I have found out last november that some of my models were being used commercially on Roblox. The models were downloaded from sketchfab with a cc non-commercial license, but they are used there in monetized games and sold to other developers. I have tried to sent a DMCA claim but I keep getting ignored, also when I use the support ticket (they have one category for dmca) I just get an automated response back telling me to send the claim to their legal agent.

I just wanted to know if you happen to have dealt with any similar issue with models on Roblox and have any advice how to get those models off of the site. They don’t budge when I send them a claim based on a forum post created by them…

In that case, you should be able to send them a DMCA takedown notice since you’re still the copyright holder and they’re not abiding by the license you’re sharing the model under. This will force them to remove the model.

I see, well I did that already and got ignored. I will send it again.

Thank you for responding!

You can also use our DMCA helper tool to prepare one for you, maybe that helps.

Thank you, I used that and got a reply. Unfortunately they said that I’m not the rights holder of the content. May I ask if that might be because I don’t use my full legal name on the sketchfab account?

I can’t tell; best to ask them?

Will do, sorry to bother you so much. Thank you again for your help!