My model can’t be downloaded

My 3D model I uploaded cannot be downloaded.’ An error occured while preparing your download.’ message appears. I have searched for past examples and tried to solve the problem, but could not resolve it. Please let me know how to solve this problem.

Hmm, your model appears to not be set to downloadable?

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Thanks for the reply. I have a download free setup.

Hi @leeuw - I passed this along to our 3D devs and got this reply:

The crash happens because of too much computation needed on our processing servers: lowering the number of subdivision levels on the tee-shirt and torso meshes from 4 to 2 in the Blender file reduces the load and allows the model to be processed correctly, but the user might have to modify a bit his mesh if the visual results in Sketchfab are not perfect for them

Please can you try this and re-upload?


Thanks for the reply. It was very helpful. I will try to re-create the file and upload it again.

I have successfully resolved the issue. Thanks for the appropriate response.