My model doesn't reflect the colors that they should

I will include images showing how does it look in sketchfab and how it should be.
Thank you for your support

It is possible there are too many materials .
When we see this file , we notice that there are 100 materials (materialcount: 100) or " Sketchfab supports a maximum of 100 materials per uploaded model. " .


I am not sure what tool you are using to create this, but in theory you could import your mesh into blender or some other 3d tool, select all the balls (points) and join them as one object, then assign a material id on this one object, and orientate your object in an orthogonal perspective to apply a projection uv with a simple gradient image texture to recreate the colors you have.


Hej Tycho,

Thanks very much for the reply and detailed explanation. I am actually using a custom developed software ( to create these models. I am not very familiar with 3D design in general and learning it now. I could easily apply a gradient color to a continuous mesh model by defining an image in the mtl file (3D Data - Flower - 3D model by py3data (@py3data) [af1c5e0] - Sketchfab). But it was not very clear how to apply color gradient to a model that consists of many separate objects.

Thanks again for the clarification.

Hi, well this would involve using another 3d tool to import your thing into, Blender is free and this I would recommend. If your going to use blender then I can make some sceenshots to explain how to do what i said. I am a little busy today but will try my best to explain it tomorrow.

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Ahoy, well I noticed you uploaded a few new ones that seem to look ok , did you find a workable solution to this with the software you are already using?
Let me know if your still having trouble I will organize some images to explain for you in that case

Hej Tycho,

Thanks for the message. I have managed to define a colormap resolution parameter and I keep the number less than 100. Therefore the models have less than 100 defined textures and it seems working fine. I have uploaded quite a few models, mostly related to space research and nanotechnology, like planetary features and SEM images etc.

Thanks again for the help