My model got deleted as Unacceptable

I’ve just received an email from Sketchfab Community Team with subject: Unacceptable model deleted: ‘Sanea - SciFi Stripclub Dancer’’, and my model got deleted.

My model featured one Sfi-Fi looking room (stripclub VIP room in this scenario) with fully dressed female (stripper in this scenario) dancing and a fully dressed male sitting (static model) about meter and a half in front of her (stripclub customer in this scenario).

I’m not sure what about this scene is “pornographic, dehumanizing, threatening, harassing, libelous, hate-oriented, harmful, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, or illegal’”. It’s just a futuristic stripclub with fully dressed dancer. I feel like I’m missing out on something about SketchFab policy or maybe misunderstanding some of the terms they listed?

Maybe you are just missing the ideal of all things public internet related that is meant for all ages. Your user name has the word sex in it , you are complaining about a model of a strip club and stripper being removed … nude or not , this username plus model would generally be considered of a lechery ( immoderate indulgence of sexual desire ) nature, which is not really “kid safe” in the end.

I know there can be much debate on where the exact cross over line is , some people are more liberal , some are more conservative. With that in mind take note that you will find more problems dealing with conservative complaints than liberal ones. Also in relation to children a court of law will also lean towards more conservative values. With that said it should be easy to understand why sketchfab or any other public internet platform, like youtube or facebook etc … would prefer to err on the side of caution.

I dont represent sketchfab in any manner , just my two cents, but I hope it helps.

Cheers for replying, I agree that my model had adult-themed aspects (not explicit adult-content aspects but it was still in a real of mature-oriented content) which is why I properly labeled it using ‘Age-restricted content’ button in the model’s property module.

I realize all public internet platforms have different age-restrictions concerning users-generated content but SketchFab is not PG13 platform, it has an Adult section which means that it does not operate under the assumption that their users/viewers are only children/under-age adults. That’s a reason why I choose SketchFab for my adult-oriented models and my decision was backed-up by the large amount of models on this platform that are adult-oriented.

That’s why I don’t understand the decision to delete my model, I don’t think lechery (lustfulness) could be the reason since most of the adult content implies lechery in some sense or another. The thing I’m starting to consider is ‘dehumanizing’ but I don’t think that would be fair since the scene didn’t picture any non-voluntary, violent or forceful act that would deemed it.

if you look up “dehumanizing” on wikipedia you will find this piece :

" Fredrickson and Roberts argued that the sexual objectification of women extends beyond pornography (which emphasizes women’s bodies over their uniquely human mental and emotional characteristics) to society generally. There is a normative emphasis on female appearance that causes women to take a third-person perspective on their bodies.[38] The psychological distance women may feel from their bodies might cause them to dehumanize themselves."

So yes this might be the issue at hand , not child related … but just general people rule related.

On a side note , im speaking from personal experience as well , I once had a girl friend who became a stripper, it was not good for her, she does not do it any more. anyway I saw it first hand so nobody can tell me otherwise. Ive seen it with my own eyes, it does dehumanize …

but I understand your confusion , especially since they do have an age restricted section.

I am sorry that the person you were involved with had a bad experience and suffered because of the line of work she choose at that point in her life, hopefully she came out of it not badly bruised. I’m not going to say that working in that field could not be dehumanizing because it clearly was for her and it was something you witnessed but, and I do believe this to be true since I’ve also known people from this filed of work, it’s not dehumanizing or problematic for everybody. There are people who feel comfortable or even attracted to the idea of doing this kind of work, being exotic dancers, adult-entertainers or straight-down porn workers. Some persons like the attention, some displaying of their bodies, some the edginess of the work… It’s just a matter of perspective/personal leaning that the individual takes/has.

As for my model, I can see that the context of the scene could have been interpreted as dehumanizing and the context does seem to be important in this situation. I guess I could have avoided the whole thing by placing the human models in a futuristic bedroom and calling it “The wedding night dance” :slight_smile:

I must say that I am a little disappointed that SketchFab seems to have restrictive policy concerning adult content to this puritan-extent, especially since the platform is for 3D models and not real-world content. I’m not going to use this website for this specific class of material anymore and, naturally, I will respect the rules of the platform since it’s a private business and not a public service.

Hi, sorry for the confusion here. We removed this model for the ‘dehumanizing’ aspect - putting women in such a specific erotic scene is not something we want to allow.