My model is hard to navigate

Excellent idea and much needed , thanks Bartv . !
PadreZippo how I can fix the problem. ?
By clicking the mouse wheel , the model accelerates and is difficult to control replayed the model. only happens to me . ?

I’ve moved your message to the support forum.

@add4d yes, “panning” is very difficult when you set the FOV so low, not much we can do about that. However, rotating should still be fine.

By the way, your textures are HUGE. Four 10000 x 10000 textures is going to be impossible for most people to view (in fact, we automatically reduce them to 8192x8192 for “power of 2” performance reasons. The textures alone require over 1 GB of VRAM.

I would recommend reducing them to 4096x4096 so more users can enjoy your scan :smile:

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@add4d @james The panning speed problem due to low FOV should be solved by now.

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