My model was, removed?

Hi, just an hour ago the “Sketchfab Community Team” decided that my model was : "‘pornographic, dehumanizing, threatening, harassing, libelous, hate-oriented, harmful, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, or illegal’.

and subsequently decided to remove it without warning, despite marking it as a “restricted / NSFW” model from it’s first publication

Meanwhile, there are other pornograprhic models on sketchfab, depicting "‘pornographic, dehumanizing, threatening, harassing, libelous, hate-oriented, harmful, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, or illegal’. content of a higher scale, for instance :

and many other thousands of works, which invoke a higher rate of sexualizing naked monkeys.

Does the community team randomly discriminate which models to take down and which don’t ?

I have had a few other friends who’s models have been butchered off for inconsistent reasons.

Mine wasn’t even being distributed in the form of sales.


me too.
I got Remove also.
Why didn’t you warn me first?

What is your standard ?
about that.

You have never had a case like this before.
Suddenly thinking about deleting then deleting
it’s like we were punished retrospectively.

I used to love this place so much.
but now.
I am very disappointed, Sketchfab.


I was considering making NSFW content but I guess that’s impossible on Sketchfab now.
Imagine the amount of money SF can’t get out of it.
It’s quite messed up that I’ve seen the succubus model by neethree since ages ago and nothing has been done about it and you’re getting a strike for something like this.
If mods are able to do this freely,
is there any actual regulation regarding this NSFW policy anyway?
I am disappointed, Sketchfab.


From the emails I read, it says you can have sexual content as long as its not children. Very simple logic, don’t you think?


We understand that having one of your models removed from the site is never going to feel great.

The Sketchfab policy regarding Restricted and unacceptable content is always being updated in response to the uploads that are reported to us. The Community Team felt that this particular model went beyond the limits of what is intended by the Restricted category.

Thanks for reporting these models, the Community Team will review them and moderate as appropriate in the near future.

Whether a model is being monetized of not is not taken into account during moderation, our goal is always to try and maintain a platform of content that is welcoming to everyone.

@nebulousflynn I feel a deep sense of bias within your community team in regards to posts like these.
I put careful work in crafting each and every sketchfab post I make since your platform enables me creative freedom with animations which other platforms do not.

I even pay 20$ / month for very little benefits as a pro member compared to other free members which freely post porn models here and there without getting community member butchered.

As a seasoned creator of sketchfab, having my model removed (without warning) after all that hard work is detrimentally demotivating and a serious back stab to my trust in your platform to be a neutral intermediary.

I was hoping for the marketplace to have at least some sort of progressive system where the more you sell, the less % sketchfab takes, but I guess you guys have other plans. After all that 30% revenue cuts the platform takes per sale (+ 5% paypal fees = 35% in total) , in addition to me paying a pro account per month, this is the sort of repayment I get from your company? Not even a heads up for me to amend / censor or update the model’s mesh?

After this entire shenanigan by one of your community staff, I’m undeniably convinced that I should gradually retrench my reliance on sketchfab and build my presence on other platforms, which some of my peers which were previous sketchfab creators have already warned me about.

As an industry leader in your respective space, I expected more professionalism than a jail sentence.


@nebulousflynn Hi nebulousflynn, sorry but as a sketchfab user i too want to know what is the limit for this restriction policy because from what you say regarding his model you didn’t mention a specific things that’s make his model get deleted from other nude model there that was so much vulgar than his model. it’s seems Sketchfab Restriction policy seems so vague for the user to know what is this sketchfab restriction really are. Thank you

I’m not really a new member on SF or ever getting a model of mine deleted, but can you please explain more about the restriction itself, and why ppl getting their model deleted and some brutally-nude model hasn’t getting deleted? Please be more clear because I’m confused about your standard. Are you really objective or judging ppls model subjectively

Here’s the example of a nude model i mention up there

Are now anime 3d models are forbidden? I’m doubt of uploading more anime models now


Again, purchasing a subscription is not a factor in regards to content policy.

Regarding prior warnings: you, in particular, have received at least two previous emails from Sketchfab in the last 3 months about removing unacceptable content and adding the Restricted label to one of your models. This should be enough of an indication of our policy.

Anime models are not forbidden. Models are not removed / restricted because they are based on or depict anime characters or themes.

I’ll try and answer everyone in a bit more detail and provide some context below.

Why do we moderate content?

As stated previously, Sketchfab’s goal with content moderation - removing, restricting, promoting, Staff Picking etc. - is to create and maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment for anyone creating, viewing or downloading 3D content. We are also working on being especially considerate of how the platform is experienced by underrepresented groups working in 3D, related fields and industries.

Sketchfab is a platform used by a huge variety of individuals and organisations including teachers, schools, brands, businesses, design agencies, scientific researchers, museums and more - we want everyone to feel comfortable with their association our platform.

The Sketchfab Community Team tries hard not to take action based on individual and personal preferences and prejudices, in fact the entire Sketchfab team regularly help guide moderation practice for our platform. While it can feel uncomfortable when you’re on the receiving end of moderation, please don’t take it as a moral judgment on yourself or your work - some things are simply not a good fit for Sketchfab and where we see ourselves going in the future.

Why has some content been moderated and some has not?

We rely heavily on user reports for content moderation, if we are not aware of a particular model we are unable to moderate it. With an ever growing community this task is getting bigger every day. We do our best to be consistent and while we may not get things right 100% of the time, be aware that we think hard each and every time before moderating content.

Even if a model has been on the site for a long time it will be moderated as deemed appropriate if it does not meet current acceptability standards when it is reviewed.

:warning: If you see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason on do not hesitate to file a report via this form.

Why was I given no warning before my model was removed?

For content that is deemed unacceptable (i.e. against the Sketchfab Terms of Use) Sketchfab will always remove it immediately without warning.

You are always welcome to re-upload a modified version of a model that meets the criteria laid out in the User Restrictions and Obligations of the Terms of Use.

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding the depiction of minors in a sexualised context.

Specifically, what kind of content is regarded as unacceptable?

The Sketchfab content policy is not a fixed list and we work hard to regularly review and update our internal guidelines for content moderation. All models are considered for moderation individually.

It is impossible to create an exhaustive and specific list of content that is or would be deemed unacceptable because uploads are moderated based upon many factors e.g. model content, character pose, the environment and props in a scene and their positioning, the model title, tags and description, the audio, the animation, the off-site fictional or real context of the character or object.

As per the Sketchfab terms, if your model could be considered “pornographic, dehumanizing, threatening, harassing, libelous, hate-oriented, harmful, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, or illegal;” then you should think twice about uploading it.

Because one of the most frequently moderated content categories is erotica we’ll take a moment to share a couple of definitions that we use:


The depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement
Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Note that a model does not have to depict a sexual act to be deemed pornographic.


To deprive (someone or something) of human qualities, personality, or dignity […] To address or portray (someone) in a way that obscures or demeans that person’s humanity or individuality
Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This includes presenting a person, character or group thereof in an exclusively or primarily sexualised context.

Hello what about my sample I sent to the forum, so is it legal to post real nude but its not okay to make a 2d nude? I’m not reallt clear there


> Read that out loud one more time please?

The anime model was deleted while the PBR realistic female one still remains, with her rose nicely visible for every kindergarderner / 4 year old on the internet and teacher to see. Clearly everyone reading this forum has decent set of eyes to see which one is more pornographic than the latter.

Nah I don’t really think so. Your team is clearly being selectively objective with what’s pornography and what’s not. Therefore it’s pretty simple and you should hard line out the facts with solid Image examples and not text examples which can be so easily bent your average village lawyer could simply bend the terms and change it at will.

If I were to sum up your current terms of service based on how your moderation team has deleted models / and based on reports it’ll go something like this:

Anime tiddies - BAD
Realistic milfs / underaged PBR teenage girls - GOOD

The simple reality here is that your team can’t be the nannies of every user that ever joins your ever-growing platform. Your website engineers can do a way better job than just asking a small group of community members to moderate every single post based on vague user reports that ever fly your way. That has never worked and never will. More so, you’re an art platform. Do you think even 99.5% of the people that upload here will know your pornographic policies that changes every time?

A while back I proposed Sketchfab to open their own discord server so your team could have a better understanding on why people use the platform, not just based on your sponsors responses but your actual user community that is attracted to this site. With a discord, you could answer questions /pin posts and even foster another set of moderators who could do your dirty work, but naturally that’s not on your priority list and choose solely to rely on the forums for feedback etc while you could have had a cross platform discord x forums integration.

My point is, you can never, ever moderate nudity on a user generated content platform. You do not have enough hands for it, and humans are naturally horny animals.

Instead, what you Could have is just a simple R-18 content checker , which was what the majority of us thought the restricted functionality was for, but then again, it’s always the users fault for not reading your essays on terms of services/ and naturally I accept that.

I judge my boundaries based on what’s in existence on sketchfab, including when I uploaded this nude model.

See? Even an idiot knows what’s allowed and what’s not. Now, if you have a bunch of people uploading nude models / and they stay there for months and months / what do you think they’re gonna think? Well it’s safe to upload nude models of course!

Im going to repeat this as many times as I need to, but it is entirely impossible to filter porn from your site, facebook has tried it with their vast resources, Ai, etc. Twitter probably just gave up, tumblr? Tried it and lost the bulk of their fanbase and now they’re irrelevant.

DeviantArt? Hah, they dont care and it’s still alive and well.

The only thing your platform can do now with all the porn models on the site, is to individually delete them based on the nude/porn/naked/etc tags , or, a better alternative would be to implement an R-18 Query filter that pops up when the user signs up / to state, for themselves, if they wish to see R-18 or not.

Naturally, it is the uploader’s responsibilities to label it as such, if not a warning and a penalty would be given, and lastly, the deletion of their accounts.

So anyway, i’ve stated my case. Thank you for using full sentences in your replies instead of copy pasted answers, truly moderation sucks ass doesn’t it? I hope they pay you well.


LOL the pict is being deleted XD

Thanks for the feedback.

All I can say is that moderation is an ongoing process, we hear your opinion.

We’ve added it to our moderation queue.