My model won't cast any shadows

(Nilo) #1

Hi... i'm new to Sketchfab and i am trying to upload my first model... but doesn't matter what i do i can get shadows to work...
I try all kinds of lights, turn off the camera attachment but nothing happens... still no shadow...
Am i missing something??

thanks in advance... and sorry for the bad english....

(Nilo) #2

i just figure it out what was causing the issue....
the shadows works fine until the moment a turn transparency on... at this point forward there is no coming back... the shadows are gone for good... i can only get it back if i re-upload the model...
for what it seams, i cant get transparency and shadows together..

(Bart) #3

That's odd, I can't reproduce that here. Can you give us the URL of the affected model?

(Stephomi) #4

@Nilo For now the transparent materials (alpha mask or alpha blend) won't cast any shadows.
It's best if you can separate the transparent materials from the other ones.

We'll probably add shadow casting for alpha masked material in the future though (can't tell you when, it's not our top priority smile ).

If you disable the transparency, save the settings and reload the page then it will cast shadows.
But indeed, there is a bug with this particular model since it should work runtime.

(Nilo) #5

ok then.... thank u very much for the great suport....

here is the link just in case...

(Adeboye Grillo) #6

Hi everyone. I have a similar problem.

In my own case, the shadows were there and they looked pretty good.
The shadows however disappeared while I was editing the model.
I tried refreshing and re-adjusting the settings but I couldn't get them back May be it's also a transparency issue.

Living and dining (WIP) by Adeboye Grillo on Sketchfab

Please help look into this.


@paul_sketch / @tuan_kuranes, @stephomi any idea?

(Paul Sketch) #8

Thanks for the reports, we are able reproduce the problem and will post here as soon as it's fixed.

(Adeboye Grillo) #9

Thanks for the prompt response.

(Paul Sketch) #10

@Nilo fixed.
@grillswills can you remove transparency from RootNode, it should fix now the shadow casting ?

(Adeboye Grillo) #11

Thanks @paul_sketch I will do that as soon as I can (just moved to the US, no PC yet)