My models have a default quality of SD. Why is this when the HD option is available?


(Paul3uk) #1

Up until recently, when viewing my models on sketchfab, they have been rendered in HD as default.

They have now started rendering as SD on initial page load even though HD is available.

This is not a device issue as other people's models render out as HD on initial load.

Any ideas as to why?

(Paul3uk) #2

I think I may have found a solution. It would appear that any 'old' models are being treated as SD quality even though they have HD textures.

I tried re-saving a snapshot for one of the offending models, and now it seems to be defaulting to HD on page load.

Ah, well .. looks like it is time to go and manually update 150 models :slight_smile:

(Stephomi) #3

Can you paste the url of one of your model (that you think has an issue)?

Note that if you go in the editor and change a setting and then hit the save button, we'll regenerate all the multiresolution textures.
Since the generation can take times (can be >1 hours sometimes), during this time you will always get the full resolution images (that can take very long time to download or crash many devices).

If your model is default on SD instead of HD, it's likely that your textures are too high resolution to be safely default to HD.
Also, note that we can change the SD/HD budget limit at anytime.

(Stephomi) #4

After a quick investigation, I see that you tend to use the same 8k texture on many channels (roughness/bumpmap/emit/cavity/ao).

For technical reasons, in same cases it forces us to use the textures several time in the gpu (so we'll count the textures several times for the budget, thus it will take lot of memory and we'll default to SD).

I strongly suggest you to simply set your texture on the diffuse channel (an optionally bumpmap).

(Paul3uk) #5

Ok, that is worth bearing in mind ... I agree about the use of the same map used for multiple channels, but, as a quick 'pick me up' it does make a difference to how the model looks on Sketchfab without having to generate dedicated maps.

As I said above, there doesn't seem to be an issue once I have re-saved the model, so, it would appear that the 'budget' does not affect in this instance.

I will be moving to dedicated AO, normal, bump, etc maps in the future and will bear the file sizes in mind.

Many thanks for your assistance.