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My most advanced UV map yet! I think I'm getting a hang of this! ;)

(Ra3id) #1

Hey guys! Just spent an entire day modeling, uv mapping, texturing, and then substance painting this guitar! I know it's not a super advanced piece to a lot of you, but it's one of my better/cleaner model and texture jobs.

I'm still getting familiar with how sketchfab reads all of the substance painter exported textures...some of the roughness and metallic values seem a little off...not sure if it's me, or sketchfab import software...

What a cool site. I'd love to be able to sell a few of my higher quality items...I know a few other sites allow that. Am I not allowed because Sketchfab hasn't worked out the legalities, or is it because I don't have a pro account?

Thanks all!

(Dark Minaz) #2

Did you use the sjetchfab specific exporter? And check both with the "studio hdri" ? Often the default hdri in substance makes it look slightly different. Some of the options in sketchfab give a very similar look to it though. Might went to play aroubd with the hdirs a bit.

But nice guitar. Somehow the back seems to be a bit to structured to fit the rest but the uv is very clean and the nodeling looks great.

(Ra3id) #3

Thank you, I'll look into the HDRI settings.

The back of the guitar is a very specific back...based on a popular guitar with the exact same back. What do you mean 'too structured'?

Here is the actual guitar:

Thanks for the reply!

(Dark Minaz) #4

ahh so the back is supposed to be like that, nevermind then, it just looked like the back and the front didn't match with the wood material.Looks pretty close to the reference then, might want to make a internal plane though for the inside details. Little things like that can make a big difference :wink:

Did a guitar quite a long time ago too

they are so much fun to model.

(Ra3id) #5

Ya, I saw a few other guitars that had inner-workings going on, and it looked fantastic...even the sticker inside. If this were for a pro job, I'd of course go all out. This was for learning and fun. Thanks for the comments. Nice hardcore guitar by the way! The reaper!

(Chaitanyak) #6

nice model,
only flaws i saw were:
1) the texture on the back is distorted

2) in sketchfab your scene is centered off center.. so orbiting/rotating is a bit glytchy

3) the edge of the back and front face have a cool rounded black edge..

but in yours .. the wood texture is mapped over the edge.. so its losing out on that finessed craftsmanship

anyway in a low poly model.. you might not need that level of detail.

the others are easy fixes, cheers.