My new model, Ice Cream :)


(Rickerson Martines Aparecido) #1

I don’t know if is just me, but i didn’t have see this type of ice cream on Sketchfab, anyway, here is the model :slight_smile:

(H Prendering) #2

I’m no expert by any means on art or modelling but ‘I’ like the look of the model in No Post-Processing better and if it were me I might of put a little bump for the kriss cross on the main cone, but that said the Model looks great and ready to eat. :fork_and_knife: :+1:

(Laurer1990) #3

Mhhhh the colors are making it a little bit less appetizing …and there is some pinching on the UV’s on the cone. Did you tried some subsurf scattering and translucensy?

Anyway … i would eat it immediately :blush:

(Rickerson Martines Aparecido) #4

Hmmm yeah i understand, honesly, i really think that the model without all the visual effects is good too :thinking:, i just tried to make it more appetizing with all that stuff, thank you by your reply! :smile:

(Rickerson Martines Aparecido) #5

Thank very much by your reply and, yes, i noticed this pinching… That’s why I tried to do it in a way that would “hide” this defect, so I put it behind the model :confused:, and no, i didn’t tried the Traslucencsy and the Subsurf, but i need to try :slight_smile: