My new uploaded models doesn't display correctly


(Bad Data) #1

Hi, i use sketchfab to upload my creations exported from Spore (the videogame), my first two models uploaded a while ago were fine, no display problem present:

But today i wanted to upload more models and they just look bad:

Every time i tried to upload one of my creations (the model exported from Spore) they just simply look bad, i tried different forms of compressing the files and i even tried upload the model alone, but still looking badly:

I have a pc with windows 10, and i use chrome, i tried uploading the models to sketchfab from another pc, but the display problem still happens.

The models format are .dae

(Waleguene) #2


According to the screenshots it seems to be a skinning data and we might have found the culprit. It’s due to a recent update on how we handle and clean skinning animation data.
I just opened a ticket to handle this, we will provide a fix asap.

In the meantime, if you have any option available to disable exporting animation/skinning data, you can try with it. Also, if you have any other export format available, don’t hesitate to give a try.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

(Bad Data) #3

Thanks for the answer, Spore has an option implemented in game to export models and textures with a code that only creates a file format .dae for the models, so sadly i can’t change it to export it in another format.

I hope this issue gets fixed soon, so i can keep uploading my creations from Spore in sketchfab.


Cool to see someone using Spore’s export feature!