My object is invisible?

I’m exporting a .obj from Blender and although it looks fine there, it is invisible in Windows 3D viewer and Sketchfab. However, when I download it from Sketchfab and open the downloaded file in Blender, it looks fine again! What is wrong?

Any suggestions? Here is the model: untitled - Download Free 3D model by Distanced Immersion (@eusawvu) [a28134e] - Sketchfab

I tired to import the obj into blender, it crashed my blender, no mesh appeared, windows 3d viewer same story more or less.

Did you try import the .blend directly into sketchfab?

I think there might be some file corruption in the obj, try export it again

I also got crashed when trying to import that OBJ file into 3 different editors.

Thanks to both of you. It’s really strange. I can open it up, export it, then import it again into Blender. But I’ve tried uploading the .blend file, obj and gltf and none will show up in Sketchfab. I’ve opened it in Blender on PC and Mac.

It’s a pretty big scan of a large room processed in Reality Capture, but I’ve uploaded other larger rooms with no problem.

I’m clearly not an expert, but I’m totally stumped.

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You should open a support ticket here:

The support staff will have a more detailed view on exactly what might be causing things to fail :+1:

while your waiting for staff/support ticket, would you be able to share the blend file?