My Seller Application Has Been Rejected

Model(s) do not meet our technical criteria and some of the following may need further work: topology, UVs, optimized materials, thumbnails and titles. Please check our help center top video for more information.

I have reviewed the Seller Guidelines for many times. I still don’t understand why my seller application was rejected.Can you tell me more details so that I can better improve the quality of my 3D model. I’m still making new 3D models and I really want to be able to sell my models on the sketchfab platform.

Thank you

I’m facing the same issue. I’ve sold 21 assets on CG Trader marketplace, and it seems that my portfolio is not enough to become a seller on Sketchfab.
I think one of the main reason of such a refusal is that our models are not very diversified.

You can reply to the rejection emails for more information. We can’t answer individual cases here on the forum.


Thanks for your reply. I have replied to an email. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi I still do not get any reply.

Sorry about that! I’ll ask them to check their messages.

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Hello, I still do not get any reply.

Sorry about that! I’ll ping them about this again.