My Seller Application Rejected

Hi.I’ve seen many people having the same problem. I want mine solved too. Sketchfab rejected my application for a couple times i did some changes but they are still keep rejeting. The reasons were very general. I didn’t understand the problems about my models, maybe I’m not good at this at all but I’m also a student, as you can imagine i’m studying my lessons. If there is something to do about models, I have to find the exact problem and fix it in no time. I will be glad if you can help.

here is my profile: Nehhe - Sketchfab

Same problem here. No clue about the specific work that I have to do.
Btw, my downloadable models have been viewed and downloaded several times and some of them liked too. Users add them to collections. So I don’t think that the problem is that they’re not worthwile…

Hi - what was the exact reply from the Store Team that you received via email?