My Sketchfab story and what I expect from sketchfab

(Docjana) #1

Hello everyone, I have recently started using sketchfab, about a month ago... Now, I am using sketchfab alot, so just thought I'd drop by, say hello to you guys....

I have been in the 3d animation industry since about 5 years, I never showed much interest in checking out sketchfab before, especially since the browsers back then were not good enough to handle 3d... But recently with mobile browsers getting almost equally powerful as the desktop browsers, lot of interest is being directed towards VR and WebGL....

Now, when I understood that 3d in browsers has some potential, I started learning Three.js and I was pretty much satisfied with it, especially with the flexibility it provides... I even made a small project with three.js.... It took me around a week to code this basic web app, but then again, it was my first project.

After a few days, I started using sketchfab... The thing that took me a week to make can be done by anyone with practically no knowledge in coding in just 5 minutes with sketchfab... That was cool!

Now, I am not saying that three.js is not great, it has one big advantage over Sketchfab, that is it is pretty much open ended and you can code whatever you want... however the biggest problem is that there is no good gui solution for using three.js...

Once I started using Sketchfab, first I thought it was great, and after using this site for a month, I am very much satisfied with the service I am being provided... The GUI is awesome and the renders come out pretty good... However I have a tiny list of things, I'd like to happen in Sketchfab, which if possible would make Sketchfab wayyy cooler than it is now. So, here is the list:

  • Annotations
    • I really love the way the camera goes and shows what you set, but I am still waiting to add annotations to animated objects... That would be so cool to have this feature.
    • Also I know it should be tough but it would be really really great if annotations have an option to embed images in them.
  • Camera

    • I really love the orbit view, but whenever I enter into orbit mode, the screen runs like a marathon runner when I press w and in a split second, I'm being on the other side of the scene, it would be great if you can give a shift to quantize type of option to decrease speed when you click shift button.
    • One thing that bugs me alot is whenever I want to save the view after setting the model in the scene is that when I scroll the mouse to frame the model, I always miss, I either get too close to the model or too far away. A simple frame option using bounding box calculation would be a very good option.
    • A toggleable camera collider option would be great, in case you dont want the viewers to zoom inside the models and see the horrible uv seams or flipped normals.
    • A min and max zoom option for the end user would be really great
  • Renderer

    • I personally feel the renderer is pretty great, and the post processing effects are awesome, but if it is possible, it would be great if there are a few preset materials, like leather, iron, mirror, cloth, fur, etc to select, so that it gets easy for uploaders to quickly add those materials in the scene
  • Animations

    • It would be great if we can add new motions to the models by uploading rigged data in the form of fbx
    • Option to play the next animation when an annotation is clicked(if you can allow annotations for animated objects)
  • Watermark

    • Just so that people uploading their good models have a security illusion
  • End User

    • Directly show demo mode when the user opens the page, where he can see the diffuse, wireframe, normals, ambient and matcap of the models by clicking a link(maybe the link ends in ?show=demoMode so that we can use whichever link depending on it is the buyer I am selling the model or a friend I want to show my cool model too)
    • Snapshot button which provides a snaphsot with the authors name watermarked over it.
  • Miscellaneous

    • While I was using three.js, I was a huge fan of Open CTM the compression these guys provided was amazing, I was wondering if such an option is possible with sketchfab, I mean it is not a suggestion, just asking...

These are the ones I need for now, I'll add a few of them later when I use the site more.... And by no means I am not saying I am not satisfied with the current features, these are just my views, thought I should tell them to you guys... And no, I dont represent sketchfab or three.js, I just love you guys...

Also some of the features I requested might already be in sketchfab, may be I didnt know how to use them, I didnt read your API yet, so sorry if I am crossing the line or asking for too much, I am just saying my opinion... Have a nice day guys!

(Nomadking) #2

Hey @docjana, welcome to the site and the forums!

A lot of good suggestions in your post, I'm sure the team will take them onboard going forwards. I think your suggestion about image embeds is already possible using Markdown, although I've never tried it myself :wink:

(Docjana) #3

Hi @nomadking, thanks for your suggestion, I've tried your suggestion about using markdown within annotations and you were right... They are working perfectly... Thanks for your suggestion.. :smile:


Hi @docjana

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback! I'm adding your +1's to various feature requests.

One thing that bugs me alot is whenever I want to save the view after setting the model in the scene is that when I scroll the mouse to frame the model, I always miss, I either get too close to the model or too far away. A simple frame option using bounding box calculation would be a very good option.

You can double-click the background (or press the spacebar) at any time (except in Material and Annotation editor tabs) to reset/center the view based on bbox.

Directly show demo mode

You can do this with the blending URL parameter:

... I was a huge fan of Open CTM2 the compression ...

We do a lot of different compression on our end, and we're improving it all the time.

(Docjana) #5

Thank you very much.... You guys are awesome!



Annotations are now supported in animated models.



We just launched a Camera Limits feature! I hope it's useful for you.


(Docjana) #8

This is a really great news. Thank you very much.

(Museudocomputador) #10

Can I add something on this post?
Today I created this animated model:

The thing that I cannot find a solution is that the music just plays while the animation goes on, if animation stop the song also stop, any chance to change that too?

Thanks and I'm getting very positive feedback from people about the project with sketchfab people loves the website at first sign.


Would unchecking 'Repeat Track' give you the results you'd like?

This button under the sound tab?

(Museudocomputador) #12

Hey Seori thanks for the reply, I already tried that but didn't work.

The problem is when the animation is over the sound stop, I'm trying to let the whole soundtrack to play even when the animation is over.