My upload credits put off

My upload credits Should January 23 reset.
I wait till now,My upload credits still 0
I did not do anything,but my upload credits reset became Feb 23 now.
I have waited this reset day for 20 days,but I can’t upload anything.


Do you still see 0? As far as I can tell, you should have 1 right now.

Nice to see you, i have waited all day,but It is still 0。

I just reset the cache for you account. Can you check now?

thank you,I have 1 now

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Great thanks. We’re looking into it!

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Hello James,
Can I ask you to reset my upload credits too?
My last upload was in December 24 but I still don’t have any upload credits and the reset date always delay to the next month

This should be fixed soon. There was an issue where the UI displayed a date 1 day too early.


I found this bug, the points are not displayed, but the points are there, and I can publish them at reset.
i hope this information is helpful for debug.

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Hi! I’m having the same problem here. My upload credit was for today May 20, but the date changed to June 20 and I still have 0 credits

Would it be possible to fix this, please?


My credit was supposed to come in on May 7, but the date changed to June 7 and it still has not been updated. Please fix this!